Surprising Tips About The Dentures You Already Have

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If you have had your dentures for a while already, you may think there is nothing else you can learn about them. However, regardless if you have had them for one year or twenty, there is probably something you can do to improve your smile or extend the life of your dentures.

If you would prefer that nobody know you wear dentures, your secret will be your own, once you know how to treat them. The best thing that you can do is to have regular checkups at a denture clinic, to make sure they are safe and usable for another year.

Know The Medications You Are On And Their Side Effects

As you mature, there is a good chance that your medicine cabinet is a bit more full than it used to be. Unfortunately, some prescriptions present with an unexpected side effect, dry mouth or decreased saliva production. It only seems minor until you experience it and notice that now your dentures do not stay as secure as they used to.

Over time, dry mouth can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. Even if you only use the medications occasionally, it is a good idea to speak with both your dentist and your prescribing physician to make sure you are making the best choices. It may be possible to put you on an equivalent medication that does not cause dry mouth or to use a special mouth wash that prevents the dry mouth entirely. 

Ignore The Denture Repair Kits At The Drug Store (Or At Least Ask The Dentist Before Using Them)

When your dentures have cracked or broken and you realize that now is not the best time to see the dentist, it is easy to get pulled in to the myth of easy, do-it-yourself denture repairs. It is important to remember that the products that the average person can buy from the drug store are usually not equivalent to the same type of products that your dentist provides.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that the repair will work for long and even a minor mistake could damage your dentures further. In addition, the worst thing you can do, although people do it regularly, is to use superglue on broken dentures. Superglue should never be used where it could be accidentally ingested and could be an entryway for toxins to enter your body, while allergic reactions to superglue are also possible.   

In conclusion, your smile and good oral health are often the first thing people notice about you. It is impossible to be healthy when you have damaged or poorly fitted dentures. By extension, much of your health and the way you are seen in the world can be credited, or blamed, on your white, shiny teeth...and you have the tools to love your smile for many more years


7 January 2015

Dental Implants: Making the Right Decision

Last year, my dentist told me that the last of my natural teeth had to go. At that point, we began to talk about the pros and cons associated with dentures and with dental implants. After learning more about each option, I decided to go with the implants. I did make the decision that is right for me. While it took a few months for everything to be in place, they have been great. I find them easy to care for, and people don't know that my teeth aren't real unless I choose to tell them. If you are facing a similar decision, let me help. I'll explain why I chose the implants and how things worked out for me. That will help you come up with the decision that will be the right one for you.