Pulp Chamber: What Happens To It From Severe Tooth Decay & How It Is Treated

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Do you have teeth that have become covered in plaque and decayed? It is important for you to seek prompt medical attention from a dentist because the decay can eventually lead to the pulp chamber in your teeth becoming infected. Find out what can happen if the pulp chamber becomes infected after severe tooth decay and how it will have to be treated.

What Can Happen to the Pulp Chamber After Severe Tooth Decay?

There are multiple layers of a tooth that must decay away before the pulp chamber is exposed and in danger of an infection. The outer layer of your teeth is the enamel, and it is the strongest of the layers. Keeping the enamel free of plaque by brushing can protect the other layers. If the enamel begins to decay, the layer under it called dentin is at risk of decay.

Dentin is a soft material that is above the pulp chamber. It has a yellowish color that can make your teeth look dull if the enamel becomes thin from decay. The pulp chamber is the lowest layer of your teeth and it is where the important parts like nerves are located. Blood vessels can also be found in the pulp chamber, and they can become infected from bacteria and put your overall health at risk.

The nerves in the pulp chamber can also become infected and die from bacteria. Once the nerves are exposed, you can experience pain that is hard to cope with until they completely die. You must get treated by a dentist when there are problems with the pulp chamber, especially if a lump filled with poisonous pus has formed called an abscess.

How Will an Infected Pulp Chamber be Treated by a Dentist?

A dentist will usually treat an infected pulp chamber by performing a root canal. The infected nerves and blood vessels will be removed during the procedure. Before the dentist removes pulp, he or she may have to make your cavity larger with a dental drill. Anesthesia will be used to prevent you from feeling pain. The cavity will be filled with putty after the root canal is complete to prevent another infection from occurring.

If you make sure the enamel of your teeth remains strong and healthy, you won't have to worry about decay exposing the pulp chamber. Get slight enamel decay repaired fast so it won't extend to the lower layers of your teeth. Seek regular oral care from a dentist, such as Northland Village Dental Centre, to keep your teeth in good shape!


13 January 2015

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