What is the Relationship Between Stress & Oral Health?

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Stress has become a buzzword in the twenty-first century. Stress can be brought about by a wide variety of factors: leading a busy life, family responsibilities, and anxieties about your professional achievement. True enough, stress has become nearly unavoidable. Regardless, it is quite important that you learn how to manage stress so as to remain in optimal health. Keep in mind that this optimal health refers not only to that of your entire body, but to that of your mouth as well.

Stress Can Influence Bruxism

Bruxism is simply the technical term for grinding your teeth. Oftentimes, people who grind their teeth are actually suffering from some type of a sleep disorder. In addition though, bruxism is also intimately linked to high levels of stress and anxiety. When a person undergoes high levels of stress, he or she will often begin grinding their teeth without even being aware that they are engaging in this activity. The repercussions of excessive teeth-grinding are incredibly serious. Indeed, the teeth that you have been grinding often become flat and highly sensitive.

Stress Can Provoke the Onset of Canker Sores

Unlike some of the other oral health conditions associated with stress, canker sores are not terribly dangerous. Nonetheless, they can be highly painful. Many people who suffer from canker sores complain that the pain is so severe that they are unable to concentrate on their day-to-day responsibilities. Reducing stress is critically important when it comes to preventing the development of canker sores before they even develop.

Stress Increases Your Risk of Periodontal Disease

Stress has an incredible impact on an individual's immune system. This is very disturbing news. After all, dental professionals attest to the fact that a diminished immune system starkly increases an individual's chance of developing periodontal disease. Gum disease is also closely connected to dry mouth. With this in view, dry mouth has been established as a very common side effect of certain medications that treat mental health conditions such as debilitating stress and anxiety.

If you are someone who regularly experiences high levels of stress and anxiety, it is very important that you treat this situation with the utmost care. Doing so will prove beneficial to your overall health. More specifically, treating stress and anxiety is also an important element of keeping your mouth as happy and healthy as possible. Talk to your local dentist to learn more about how you can curb your stress and relieve your dental pain.


10 February 2015

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