Sports & Your Teeth: What You Need to Know

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As one of the main goals behind playing sports is to have fun, it doesn't come without its hazards. Sports-related injuries can cause many dental problems. For example, an accident that occurred during athletic pursuits can also affect the mouth and the teeth within. Dental injuries include teeth being broken, being completely expelled from the mouth, cracked or even cuts in the mouth. 

These issues must be addressed quickly to prevent any future issues. Here is some information to ensure your dental health doesn't suffer while you play your favorite sport.

Understand the Severity of Dentin Fractures

When a tooth is broken or cracked, the pain is typically felt right away. A line fracture appears as a line on the tooth itself. Although not a dental emergency, it must be addressed because if left untreated, it can lead to bigger fractures that can then lead to permanent damage. 

Dentin fractures, however, are more severe. This can present as a broken tooth with some discoloration. A dental professional will need to be consulted within two days. As severe as this could be, it's possible there may not be any pain associated with a dentin fracture.

Know How to Handle a Dislodged Tooth

A direct hit to the face can dislodge a tooth. If this happens, be sure to immediately pick up the tooth by its crown and gently rinse it with cool water to remove any dirt. If this is a child's tooth and they have yet to have their adult's teeth grow in, hand it to them and tell them to put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy. 

If it is an adult tooth, you want it to remain in its natural environment (inside your mouth) so that it stays moist. So, stick the tooth back into the gums very gently using your hands. If it's difficult or too painful to do, place it in a cup of milk until you can see the dentist. 

Prevention Is the Best Method

Protective gear of some type is required for many types of sports. What equipment is needed varies by different sport, but athletes should wear mouth guards or helmets to protect their faces. Mouth guards can be molded to fit teeth perfectly. Helmets typically keep the entire face safe, but using a mouth guard in conjunction with a helmet is the best way to be safe.

For more tips, contact local resources such as Linwell Park Dental Centre.


5 March 2015

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