Temporary Solutions To Common Denture Problems

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In a perfect world, any problems you have with your dentures will occur during business hours so that you can have them immediately repaired. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If you need a temporary fix to your denture problem until you can get them professionally repaired, here are some tricks you can try. 

Broken Tooth

One of the most common problems that denture wearers experience is one of the teeth popping out. If this happens and you have the tooth, you can use an adhesive to glue it back in place. Your regular denture adhesive is not strong enough to hold the tooth in place, which turns it into a choking hazard. There are two options available, though. 

Denture repair kits available at your local pharmacy feature adhesive that is strong enough to hold the tooth in place until the denturist can repair it. Follow the directions on the kit to properly replace it. You also have the option of using a cyanoacrylate adhesive. 

Cyanoacrylate adhesives, or instant glues, need to be applied with caution. Only a small dab of glue needs to be applied to the dentures. If you use too much, it will be difficult for the denturist to remove it from its position and replace it. Once you apply the glue and replace the tooth, it is important that you allow the dentures to completely dry before wearing them. 

Broken In Half Dentures

In the event that the dentures break in half, you can still rely on adhesive to fix it.  You can still use a denture repair kit, but you need to find one that packaging states that the adhesive is cement. Again, follow the directions to get the best repair. 

It is important that while repairing the dentures, you do not make any alterations to the actual structure of the appliances. Your dentures are custom-fitted. Any changes that you make to them could affect the fit and result in the need for a readjustment or a new set of dentures. 

Broken Clasp

If you have a partial denture with a wire clasp and it has broken off, there is little you can do to fix the clasp. However, you need to make sure that any remaining piece of it is not in a position to hurt your mouth. If there is any part of the clasp remaining, use a pencil eraser to push it closer to the denture so that it is not poking out. 

Remember, it is imperative that your dentures are professionally repaired (by local professionals, such as those from Boviz Denture Clinic Denture Repair) as soon as possible. 


29 July 2015

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