How Can A Dentist Correct A Chipped Canine Tooth?

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The canines are the sharp pointed teeth near the front of your mouth that are responsible for helping grab onto food and passing it back to the molars for grinding. A chipped canine can cause problems with chewing and can prove to be a major blow to your self-esteem since the canines are near the front of the mouth and their distinct shapes make the teeth even more prominent. There are a few ways that a cosmetic dentist can repair a chipped canine to improve your daily life and appearance.

2 March 2016

Natural Ways To Manage TMJ-Related Pain

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Underneath the skin and tissue on your face lie bones—22 to be exact—which help to shape your face and allow you to do important things like open and shut your jaw. But when the hinge between the cheek bone and the jaw bone has a problem—usually due to impact trauma, clenching or grinding at night, or tightened muscles in the face due to stress—it can lead to large amounts of pain and discomfort, usually called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).

2 March 2016

3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Teeth Over The Holidays

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The holiday season is something that you look forward to all year long. Gathering with family and friends, eating delicious food, and drinking festive beverages is as much part of the season as the decorations, music, and old family traditions. Before you get swept up in the spirit of the season, make sure that you are keeping your oral health at the forefront of your mind. It can be easy to backslide and pick up unhealthy habits during the holiday season if you are not comfortable.

7 December 2015

How To Help Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

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For some children, their first dental visit is an exciting adventure; for others, it's a source of anxiety. Both of these reactions are normal. However, if your child is suffering from more extreme dental anxiety, or they are not becoming more comfortable with going to the dentist over time, then it's important to bring in some anxiety-fighting techniques early. The longer they associate the dentist's office with stress and fear, the more likely they are to develop a serious dental phobia that can last into adulthood.

14 September 2015

Getting The Face You Always Wanted: How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

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When you are finally ready to make some changes to your physical appearance, namely your face, you have a wide variety of decisions to make. Most people focus on their skin and bone structure and maybe even their lips. However, your teeth and gums are equally as important when you are trying to get the perfect face that you have always wanted. Get to know some of the ways that a cosmetic dentist can help and work with your plastic surgeon to accomplish your goals, and you will be ready to start the process in no time.

17 August 2015

Temporary Solutions To Common Denture Problems

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In a perfect world, any problems you have with your dentures will occur during business hours so that you can have them immediately repaired. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If you need a temporary fix to your denture problem until you can get them professionally repaired, here are some tricks you can try.  Broken Tooth One of the most common problems that denture wearers experience is one of the teeth popping out.

29 July 2015

3 Oral Health Care Tips For Children

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If you want to be sure that your child grows up healthy and happy, with good habits, it is best to start them off early. With no other health related subject is this true than dental care. You will need to empower your child with positive dental health habits early on, since it will play a major role in their digestion for the rest of their lives. To get your young child started on the right path, follow these quality dental tips for children.

3 July 2015

Re-Conquering Veggies: Four Denture-Friendly Vegetable Options That Actually Taste Good

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Have your new dentures left you feeling hungry? Does the thought of eating your veggies make you want to run and hide like a small child? While the thought of boiled broccoli and mushy green peas is enough to make a grown man or woman swear off of vegetables for the rest of his or her life, it does not have to be this way. Here are four denture-friendly foods to help you get your veggies without sacrificing the flavor or nutrients your body craves.

9 June 2015

Gum Disease And Flossing: How to Prevent The Decay

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If you don't floss very often -- or at all -- you're dental health care provider, someone like Nasralla Phil Dr, is probably mystified as to how to convince you to floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities between teeth. What could motivate you to do this activity more often? Consider the statistics about flossing frequency and the research on how important flossing is for oral health. Flossing Frequency Survey results published in 2004 indicate that nearly half of Canadian residents don't floss daily, as dentists recommend people do.

14 May 2015

3 Forms Of Necrotizing Periodontal Disease – And The Potential Treatments

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Improper oral healthcare can lead to a buildup of bacteria in the mouth, which in turn can cause gum disease. The mild gum disease gingivitis is easy to treat with a dentist-provided teeth cleaning and improved oral healthcare. But if gingivitis is left untreated for a long period of time, the level of gum disease and associated symptoms can continue to progress. Sometimes preexisting medical conditions can also cause gum disease or help advance a bacterial-born disease.

14 April 2015